2015 IS GEARING UP TO BE EPIC (1/15/15)    

Well folks, 2014 is finally behind us. Bobby and the boys are gearing up for a huge 2015. 2014 was spent mainly on recording and finishing the new EP Release, featuring "Front Seat DJ", all available on Itunes. The last half of the year finally got back on track as far as touring goes, but 2015 is gonna be a busy one. Epic. Promotion is going to another level, new venues, new merchandise coming, new lineup, so many things going on.

2014 brought some change however. We had to say "so long for now" to drummer Jake Forman. Jake and his wife Rachel had the most adorable baby boy, and Jake is fully embracing fatherhood. He doesn't quite grasp the fact that he's raising a bass player, but he'll get it before too long. Lol. Whatever he chooses to do we will be very proud of him. Congratulations you two. We'll miss ya, for now.......

So the future looks bright ahead. The band will be on the road soon, and will be burning up much more blacktop than last year. More regional touring is slated, and the compass has also changed direction. The band is putting more emphasis on a western direction this year. No worries, they'll still be runnin the routes in Georgia, SC, NC, and so forth, but breaking into new markets to spread the word and the music is the focus for 2015.

Thanks so much to all the fans and supporters. Without you, none of this would be possible. Hope everybody is happy, healthy, and ready to roll. See you on the road in 2015.